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Job Search Engine

February 17, 2009

I read a piece about job search engine site on Tech Crunch today and thought I would give the site a try. searches job sites to produce and serve lists of jobs posted by what type of job ( job titles, keywords or company name) is available where (city, state or zip code) Job Search Engine Job Search Engine’s job search produced a list of jobs by locations as promised, however I was more interested in their Google Trends like data snapshots.

Although’s latest data appears to be from the third quarter of 2008, I found its Job Trends search tool and Job Postings per Capita map both useful and interesting.

To put their Job Trends tool to the test, I searched for social networking, search marketing and banker job trends to help visualized demand for each type of job.

Indeed their graph delivered the results I was looking for – social networking jobs available are on the rise, search marketing jobs are trending consistently while available jobs for bankers are decreasing. Job Trends Job Trends’s Job Postings Per Capita is also an interesting visualization of demand. The Job Postings Per Capita map illustrates the number of job postings per capita in the 50 most populous metropolitan areas in the United States by dot size. The bigger the dot the more jobs posted per capita.

Although job postings online and Indeed’s ability to aggregate them may be a function of the propensity of a market to post jobs online more frequently than not, the map may provide job seekers job availability insight by market.

Job Posting Per Capita Q3 2008

Job Posting Per Capita Q3 2008

When releases their 4th quarter data, I will revisit the above Job Trends chart to see what has happened to each of the three job categories.

Surely, job postings for bankers will have continued its decline.