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Google WAP Mobile Ads Locations Routed By Mobile Area Codes?

July 20, 2010

I have been traveling over the last several days and I’m now about 1,000 miles from my home.

Today I ran a search in Google on my iPhone for some keywords I bid on in my local market and noticed my ads were still being displayed even though I had set my ads distribution parameters for my home state only.

Either Google WAP Mobile Ads are being distributed nationally regardless of the geographic targeting settings or my iGoogle account and phone settings are signaling Google my physical location is still in my home state and thus justify delivery to my smartphone.

Any ideas which factor is causing this?

Update: After further testing, I determined my iGoogle settings – which were personalized to my home city/state – even while in use on my iPhone trumped the physical location of my smartphone for what type of geotargeted ads were available for delivery. After signing out of my iGoogle account on my iPhone, Adwords is now delivering locally targeted ads based on where I am not where my iGoogle account says I am.