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Google Commerce Search

November 5, 2009

Google has announced a new product called Google Commerce Search just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Google Commerce Search provides the following features to online retail enterprises:

  • Enable visitors to find the right products faster
  • Filter results by category, price, brand or other attributes
  • Provide user-friendly spelling options and synonyms
  • Increase website conversions and sales
  • Boost or promote chosen products within search results
  • Deploy search solution in days, and scale effortlessly
  • Customize, track, and optimize performance

Webinars on Google Commerce Search  are scheduled for November 12, 2009 (12 PM PST), November 17, 2009 (8 AM PST) and December 3, 2009 (10 AM PST).

Watch the video demo of Google Commerce Search below to learn more.