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Coming Soon To The Google Display Network

October 13, 2010

Google has introduced two new features to a select group of Google Display Network advertisers – the Display Campaign Optimizer and the Contextual Targeting Tool.

The Display Campaign Optimizer is an auto-optimization tool that automatically manages targeting and bidding for campaigns on the Google Display Network, delivering more conversions for advertisers, based on their target CPA.

To use the Display Campaign Optimizer, an advertiser’s campaign needs to have Conversion Optimizer set up and Target CPA bidding enabled.

More about the Display Campaign Optimizer:

The Contextual Targeting Tool lets advertisers build tightly themed keyword lists for campaigns that are running on the Google Display Network.

How it works: Advertisers enter words or phrases in the Contextual Targeting Tool and the tool suggests a set of keywords related to their terms, and groups the keywords into themed ad groups.

While the Display Campaign Optimizer and the Contextual Targeting tool are presently only available to larger Google Display Network advertisers, both tools will be made available to more advertisers in the coming months.