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Google Editions: More Inventory For Google Adwords?

October 15, 2009

From the 61st Frankfurt Book Fair, the Associated Press reports Google plans to enter the eBook market with its new service Google Editions.

Clarifying their earlier announcements regarding Editions, Google will only offer books submitted and approved by the copyright holders.

The books bought through Google Editions can be read on any device with a web browser including smart phones, laptops, netbooks and personal computers.

Google plans to make their ebook inventory available through resellers while hosting the content on their servers to make the books searchable.

Ultimately Google plans to make books available from anywhere on any device.

Once Google Editions has been launched, look for Google Adwords to continue to appear in book searches like they do now at Google Books if not on the right rail of every page regardless of which device is being used to read the book.

Google Adwords Google Books

Google Adwords Google Books