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Adwords Interface Total All Campaigns Columns Mismatched

October 2, 2009

Google Adwords recently added a view-through conversion column to display a new level of content network ad performance data in the Adwords interface.

While studying the September performance of one of my accounts, I noticed the “Total – all campaigns” horizontal table at the bottom of my account was askew relative to their vertical table category counterparts.

The addition of the new “view through conversions” table appears to have not yet been integrated into or matched with the total all campaigns fields.

In the screen shot below, I paused all of my campaigns to illustrate how the column categories at the top don’t match up with the total all campaigns data at the bottom.

Adwords Interface Display Columns

Adwords Interface Display Columns

I thought I might possibly be getting mismatched data because I hadn’t scheduled any content network advertising.

Without content network advertising enabled, the account won’t be receiving any view-through conversion data.


I went to one of my accounts where content advertising is scheduled and although I have yet to receive any view-through conversion data – this account too has mismatched total all campaigns columns and data.

Content Network Enabled Interface Display

Content Network Enabled Interface Display

As you can see in both accounts with and without content advertising enabled, the Clicks, Impressions, CTR, Avg. CPC, Cost, Avg. Pos., Conv. (1-per-click), Cost / conv. (1-per-click), Conv. rate (1-per-click) and View-through Conv. are instead positioned and aligned over the
Budget, Status, Clicks, Impressions, CTR, Avg. CPC, Cost, Avg. Pos., Conv. (1-per-click) and Cost / conv. (1-per-click) columns.

I am not a programmer, but it appears the Adwords team needs to add the Budget and Status columns to get all of the totals columns aligned properly.