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Content Network Rich Media To Include Ads By Google Notice

October 18, 2009

The Google Content Network (Google’s AdSense partner websites) has begun to affix “Ads by Google” attribution messages on rich media ads.

The Ads by Google attribution is unobtrusive to rich media advertisements but still gives users clear notice if they want to learn more about online advertising at the moment they’re looking at the ad.

Content Network Rich Media Ads

Content Network Rich Media Ads

This new Ads by Google notice shows up as a small “i” (for “information”) icon overlay in the bottom right-hand corner of ads, and expands if the user hovers over it. Just like with regulart Google Content Network ads, users who click on the “Ads by Google” label will be taken to a page where they can learn more about Google’s advertising practices.

Google has added these new notices to their content network partner’s rich media ads to comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s recommended principles for online advertising.