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Twilight Zune? How to Unfreeze a Zune…

December 31, 2008

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Microsoft Zune

Microsoft Zune

Based on today’s search traffic, it appears the recent gift giving season keeps on giving (problems) to those fortunate enough? to have either received or bought themselves a Microsoft Zune over the holidays.

The 12 most common Zune related searches being conducted today according to Google are:

1. Zune
2. Zune Freeze
3. Zune Frozen
4. Zune Problems
5. Zune 30gb
6. Microsoft Zune
7. Zune Crash
8. Zune Support
9. Zune 30
10. Zune Troubleshooting
11. How To Unfreeze a Zune
12. Zune Locked Up

I can only guess the three Zune search phrases that don’t indicate a Zune problem were queries ran by possibly frustrated new Zune owners who hadn’t yet realized they were in need of Microsoft Zune Support.

If you are having problems with your Zune, click through to Microsoft Zune Zupport.