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February 23, 2009

Today I came across an interesting AP story about two innovative websites.

With non stop media coverage on the state of the US economy and over 5 million workers collecting unemployment, worker layoffs have become commonplace.

Layoff Tracker is a website focused on tracking and reporting on the ever increasing number of layoffs occurring both in the US and abroad.

From Layoff Tracker:

These are tough times and we all have a layoff story to tell; something that happened to us or someone close to us. Share without linking to a particular company.

Layoff Tracker

Layoff Tracker

Layoff Tracker also provides a widget for website owners to publish Layoff information on their website.

Layoff Tracker Widget

Layoff Tracker Widget

Within information about each specific company, Layoff Tracker also provides user generated scores of up to five stars in several categories including an “Overall” rating, “Pay/Benefits”, “Work/Life Balance”, “Culture/Environment” as well as the company’s “Reputation with Recruiters”.

The website Telonu covers lets employees “Rave, Rant and Rate” about their workplace anonymously. appears to be filling the void left by the web based workplace complaint category’s founding site ( …ked Company) which was launched during the tech bust.

I might go so far to say is …ked Company 2.0.

Whether Telonu institutionalizes the web based workplace complaint category or not remains to be seen.