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A Marketing Strategy Mindmap

July 14, 2010

One of the greatest challenges I have had with operating in the digital world has been switching back and forth from analytical to creative thought all the while attached to a computer keyboard.

By definition computer keys whether alpha or numeric are binary and digital.

Yet, the creative process as far as I can tell is neither.

Creativity is analog.

Recently, I figured out how to draw simple images and post them to my blog.

However, even the simplest of concepts ultimately require further exploration and explanation.

Prior to producing all of my work on computers, mind maps were my creative tool of choice.

Using paper to facilitate creative thinking in an age when rapid digital iteration is a competitive advantage has caused me great consternation up until now.

I recently discovered a software program called Mindjet that is designed for capturing non-linear thought in the form of a digital mind map.

There are lots of cool features in Mindjet’s MindManager Mindmapping tool like this one for visualizing a marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy Mind Map

Marketing Strategy Mind Map

If you are a visual and creative person like me, I highly recommend getting a copy of Mindjet.

Mindjet will help you get all of those creative analog thoughts sorted and mapped out… digitally.