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Searching For Bigfoot Pictures… Georgia Bigfoot Found?

August 16, 2008

Mathew Whitton, Tom Biscardi, and Rick Dyer claim to have bagged Bigfoot in Georgia.

They have posted a picture of their “dead bigfoot” on their website

Big Foot Pictures

Big Foot Pictures

It will be interesting to see and then learn whether this trio of Big Foot hunters can produce an actual physical specimen of Bigfoot or not.

At this stage in their media campaign and still without a big foot body, it remains to be seen how they will monetize their notoriety should they fail to produce their dead big foot soon.

If I were less skeptical, I would have pinned this entire tail on the business with the most to gain from increasing Bigfoot’s media exposure.

The only company that comes to mind is Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. However, Jack Link’s brand is based on the Sasquatch, Big Foot’s cousin.

Messin With Sasquatch

Messin With Sasquatch

Regardless of who is really behind this media circus whether its the guys from Georgia or some company like Jack Link’s and their public relations firm, they are more than likely just messin’ with us.