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Google Adwords Device Platform Targeting

December 12, 2008

Last weekend I was experimenting with one of my Google Adwords accounts and noticed a new category of targeting called Device Platform.

Device Platform Bidding

Device Platform Bidding

I intended at the time to write a post about it but didn’t get around to it.

By Monday, the new Adwords device platform targeting option had been officially announced and reported on by the usual cadre of Google bloggers.

After thinking about it further – I realized several months ago while fly fishing in Utah I discovered Adwords ads didn’t display on iPhones and wrote about it here.

From my previous post:

Will Google Adwords advertisers soon be able to select “iPhone” as a search distribution option along with “Google Search” and “Search Partners” within their campaigns Networks and bidding settings?

With 10 million iPhones in use and Apple’s iPhone supplying Google with its largest source of mobile search traffic, adding iPhone distribution to Google advertising campaigns will give Google Adwords advertisers another way to target and reach an increasingly mobile search audience.

Was my blog post and the Adwords creation of their new device platform targeting option pure coincidence or the result of an innocent “tacit interaction” with my blog?

After implementing the device platform targeting option within one of my Adwords campaigns I have since discovered a limitation which otherwise probably hasn’t yet been discovered let alone written about.

I will write more about the Google Adwords Device Platform targeting limitation I have discovered when time permits.