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Google Fast Flip: Scan Today’s Top Stories in One Place

September 17, 2009

Google Labs has introduced the Google Fast Flip, an experiment in online content delivery.

Fast Flip lets browsers flip sequentially through bundles of recent news, headlines and popular topics, as well as feeds from individual top publishers in one location.

About Google’s Fast Flip:

Flipping through content is very fast, so you can quickly look through a lot of pages until you find something interesting. At the same time, we provide aggregation and search over many top newspapers and magazines, and the ability to share content with your friends and community. Fast Flip also personalizes the experience for you, by taking cues from selections you make to show you more content from sources, topics and journalists that you seem to like. In short, you get fast browsing, natural magazine-style navigation, recommendations from friends and other members of the community and a selection of content that is serendipitous and personalized.

Fast Flip provides five tabs for navigating top level general content on the Fast Flip site: Popular, Recent, Most Viewed, Recommended and Headlines.

The current list of sources for Google’s Fast Flip are: BBC News, FRONTLINE, Newsweek, TechCrunch,  Billboard, Fast Company, Popular Mechanics, Technology Review, Business Week, Foreign Policy, ProPublica, Teen, Center for Investigative Reporting, Good Housekeeping, Quick & Simple, The Atlantic, Center for Public Integrity, Harper’s Bazaar, Redbook, The Daily Beast, Christian Science Monitor, House Beautiful, SPIN, The Daily Green, CosmoGirl, Marie Claire, Salon, Us Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Journal, Seventeen, Veranda, ELLE, National Review Online, Slate, Washington Post, Esquire, New York Times and the Smithsonian.

Google Fast Flip Recent

Google Fast Flip Recent

The Recent tab produces images of the most recently uploaded content while the Most Viewed tab shows viewers what other Google Fast Flip users found and viewed most often.

Google Fast Flip Most Viewed

Google Fast Flip Most Viewed

The Recommended tab shows images or articles Google Fast Flip recommends.

I am not sure how Google determines which articles I would have an interest in unless of course Google Fast Flip is also an experiment in behavioral targeting.

Google Fast Flip Recommended

Google Fast Flip Recommended

Google Fast Flip consolidates a lot of great news sources and makes finding what they have to offer much easier than going to each respective publishers site.

If Google Fast Flip made the images they provide available in the present size and two additional sizes – one 50% and the other 100% larger, I think they would be able to attract and engage a larger news audience.

Behavioral Targeting Now Cost Per Lead Advertising?

September 3, 2009

eMarketer has posted some interesting data from a study by Pontiflex called the “Cost-per-Lead Advertising Data Report”.

According to the study, marketers were most likely to purchase leads via brand or community sites (51%) and e-newsletters (31%).

The study suggests instead of turning to brokers of generic sales leads, marketers can entice consumers to opt in based on specific ads—and only pay for valid sign-ups.

Cost Per Lead Advertising

Cost Per Lead Advertising

Pricing in the cost per lead advertising industry depends on several factors.

From the study:

Cost-per-lead pricing varies by industry, and also by the amount of data consumers are willing to provide about themselves. “Basic fields” include such information as first and last names, e-mail addresses and postal addresses. “Premium” information, such as Twitter usernames and phone numbers, commands higher prices. On average, the cost per lead for basic info was $0.60 in North America between August 2008 and July 2009; the average premium cost per lead was nearly four times as high, at $2.27.

Average Cost Per Lead Per Industry

Average Cost Per Lead Per Industry

Based on this particular study’s title, it appears the behavioral ad targeting industry is attempting to reposition and rebrand its products as “Cost Per Lead Advertising”.

With an average cost per lead by industry of less than $1.00, surely advertisers will flock to cost per lead advertising en masse.