Google Places Sex Tape

Nope… sorry there isn’t one – as far as I know.

Yet without getting its own sex tape, Google Places risks losing both the present and future attention of millions of business owners.


Because spending time with Google Places leaves users feeling unsatisfied just like they do when they click through on a headline and the accompanying story fails to deliver on its promise.

Case in point:

I recently uploaded the exact same data for 39 stores to my Google Places account including data for one store which was recently opened.

I provided Google Places with the same set of data for each store that was required by Google for bulk upload verification.

Understandably, the recently opened store listing was initially delayed for what I assumed was some type of additional level of review and verification neither of which involved any type of offline authentication by Google.

Today I learned  the recently opened and operational store’s listing was rejected because it didn’t meet  Google Places quality guidelines!

Google Place Rejection

Google Place Rejection

What – 38 stores meet Google Places quality guidelines and yet new one store with the exact same data doesn’t?

Doesn’t make sense does it?


Not unless of course you are Google and you prefer verifying listings through algorithms and not people.

While having a properly formatted new store listing rejected simply because it hasn’t yet generated any other corroborating online data may seem only logical to a computer, I think it makes about as much sense to the rest of us as it would for Google Places to have its own sex tape explaining what it does and doesn’t do for its business owner patrons.


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