Can I Get Zip Code 20 Mile Radius Bulk Upload Targeting In Google Adwords?

Huh, can I?

Not presently.

Instead, I have to hand code in the Zip Codes I want to target one at a time because the Adwords bulk upload feature automagically converts a Zip Code list into the nearest city’s coordinates.

Bulk Upload 20 Miles Radius In Google AdWords

Bulk Upload 20 Miles Radius In Google AdWords

While on the surface this may appear helpful even intuitive, its not.

If I wanted to target the respective cities, I would enter their specific names not interior Zip Codes!

To this day, I still don’t understand why Google Adwords doesn’t provide pre-loaded Google Maps based Zip Code targeting.

Its not like the smart folks at Google couldn’t figure out how to integrate Zip Code targeting into Google Adwords.

AdWords Zip Code Targeting

AdWords Zip Code Targeting


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