YouTube Partnership Program

I was surprised to find the following message about my “How To Move A Storage Shed” in my YouTube account today:

YouTube Partnership Program

YouTube Partnership Program

What’s amazing about this video is I shot it on a fluke and it has received over 28,000 views to date.

To sign up for the YouTube Partnership program, a video producer must review YouTube’s instructions.



To enter a revenue sharing agreement with YouTube, a video must meet the following criteria –

YouTube Revenue Sharing

YouTube Revenue Sharing

Once a producer has accepted YouTube’s Video Monetization Agreement, they must link their video to a Google Adsense account and then answer some simple questions about their video.

Video Monetization

Video Monetization

Once a video has been successfully submitted for revenue sharing consideration and if it is approved, the video producer will start to see ads displayed next to their video.

Processing a video for consideration can take up to 2 weeks.


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