The Google Search Advertising Advanced Exam

I am preparing to take the new Google AdWords Certified Partner Exams to renew my Google Advertising Professionals certification before Google sunsets the original Qualified Individual designation.

I think I was one of the first five or ten people worldwide to receive the Qualified Individual certification.

A lot has changed since then!

To get a new Certified Google Partner badge, search marketers must past two of four possible exams.

In my case, I will be taking the Advertising Fundamentals and Search Advertising Advanced Exams.

In the previous post, I wrote about the eight topics and twenty subtopics covered in the Advertising Fundamentals Exam.

Below are the ten topics and twenty eight subtopics covered in the Search Advertising Advanced Exam.

1. Introduction to AdWords

1.1 Overview of AdWords

2. AdWords Account and Campaign Basics

2.2 Campaign Management Basics

2.3 Ad Group Management Basics

3. AdWords Ad Formats

3.1 Overview of Ad Formats

3.2 Ad Formats Guidelines & Best Practices

4. Adwords Targeting and Placements

4.1 Overview of Targeting and Placements

4.2 Keyword and Keyword Targeting

4.3 AdWords Language & Location Targeting

4.4 Placement Targeting for the Display Network

4.5 Location Extensions

5. AdWords Bidding and Budgeting

5.1 Overview of Bidding

5.2 Overview of Budgets

6. Policies and Ad Quality Topics

6.1 AdWords Policies

6.2 Ad and Site Quality

6.3  Invalid Click Issues

10. AdWords Tools

10.1 Overview of AdWords Tools

10.2 AdWords Editor

11. Performance Monitoring and Conversion Tracking

11.1 Overview of Performance Monitoring and Conversion Tracking

11.2 AdWords Reporting

11.3 Conversion Tracking Basics

13. Optimizing Performance

13.1 Overview of Optimization

13.2 Optimizing AdWords Campaigns and Ad Groups

13.3 Optimizing Websites and Landing Pages

13.6 Optimizing for Greater Conversions

14. Managing Multiple Accounts

14.1 Overview of Managing Multiple Accounts

14.2 Managing Accounts with My Client Center (MCC)

14.3 Using AdWords API

Yes, there is topic and subtopic overlap between the Advertising Fundamentals and Search Advertising Advanced Exams.

In my next post, I will clarify which topics and subtopics must be studied to prepare for and pass both the Advertising Fundamentals and Search Advertising exams in order to receive the Google Certified Partner designation.

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