Reaching The Local Audience

From eMarketer:

Social media has increased its importance around the world, and while social network advertising continues to grow quickly in the US, spending in other markets is set to rise even faster. But brand marketers still don’t feel social media is the most effective way to reach their international audiences.

A June 2010 survey conducted by Harris Interactive for social marketing platform Buddy Media found that more than 90% considered it at least somewhat challenging to reach audiences in local markets with a unified brand message.

The most popular tactics used to market to local audiences were websites with local content (69%), print ads (62%) and event promotion (59%). Less than half of respondents used social media fan pages for this purpose, and less than one in three used paid social media advertising. Websites with local content were considered the most effective tactic, named by 30% of brand marketers, compared with just 10% who thought fan pages were best.

Reaching The Local Audience

Reaching The Local Audience

If Brand Managers consider websites with local content the best way to reach customers in local markets, why would any other category of advertiser regardless of size or budget think otherwise?



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