Google Places Disconnect

Not sure how Google Places can show my business listing data “Pending” and Being reviewed yet still send me account traffic statistics.

Pending Being Reviewed

Pending Being Reviewed

How can Google Places collect and email me their report data about an account that is Pending and Being Reviewed?

Google Places Disconnect

Google Places Disconnect

Based on the screen shot above, would it be unreasonable for me to conclude Google gathers data about business listings whether they have applied for a Google Places account and been approved or not?



One Response to “Google Places Disconnect”

  1. mthorner Says:

    Yes, Google has already created business profiles from websites, business listings, telephone books etc.

    The problem is that very often Google has several duplicate or old profiles. With the free Google Places you basically do 4 things:
    1. confirm the business existence
    2. eventually unify several existing business profiles
    3. eventually correct information
    4. make the first step towards paid “added services” like Adwords, Tags etc.

    in your case Google already had a profile with it’s own history.

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