Social Media Marketing Tactics Integration

From eMarketer:

Many marketers keep social campaigns siloed

There are now hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide using social networks, blogs, microblogs, online forums and video-sharing sites, and marketers have followed them there. Social media marketing has gone from experimental to must-have, and that increases the importance of adopting an integrated social strategy.

According to research from marketing management firm Unica, the proportion of marketers integrating their social campaigns with other channels varies widely depending on the tactic. While a majority of voting features, product reviews, user-generated content and RSS feeds are integrated with other campaigns, that is not true of efforts on social networking sites, blogs or microblogs.

Unica said in its report that the main ways marketers are integrating their social campaigns are in regard to timing, creative themes and branding.

Social Media Marketing Tactics Integration

Social Media Marketing Tactics Integration

Siloeing social networking sites, blogs and microblogs may be the best way for marketers to measure whether these channels produce results for them or not.



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