Searching A Twitter Followers List

Trying to make Twitter followers or following lists actionable requires a lot of hand work.

Its almost not worth it.

Although I am sure there are services or apps out there that simply the whole process, I have yet to find one.

Over time, I have developed some tricks for managing Twitter Followers lists.

This one however may be one of the better strategies I have developed.

It requires foresight and may not translate directly for every Twitter account.

When you set up your Twitter account, set up your Twitter account with a gmail address.

Twitter notifies their account holders via email every time an account receives a new follower.

By using a gmail address, every Twitter follower email notification will be locatable and searchable via gmail search.

Each Twitter follower can be labeled and filed as the come in to keep all of your Twitter followers details in one folder.

Searching a Twitter Followers List

Searching a Twitter Followers List

If you don’t have a gmail account, try using your email client’s search feature to find out whether you can replicate these same type of results or not.



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