Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising

Over the last week or so, Facebook seems to have ratcheted up its pay per click advertising program’s marketing while also suggesting anecdotally Facebook social network advertising can rival the performance of Google pay per click advertising.

Anyone in the search advertising business who has ever run a content network advertising campaign that reached comparable social networking sites like MySpace would beg to differ – myself included.

How can Facebook’s audience composition or intent be any different than MySpace’s audience?

More importantly, regardless of either audience’s size or marketing potential each social network’s group attention is focused internally on themselves and their friends not externally focused on finding information or buying products – which is a common trait every one in Google’s audience shares.

Both Myspace and Facebook marketers must understand this fact because they both use Google pay per click search advertising to try and reach and convince potential social network advertising advertisers of their respective company’s advertising’s promise.

Facebook MySpace Google Pay Per Click Ads

Facebook MySpace Google Pay Per Click Ads

I guess neither Myspace or Facebook have been able to find the new advertisers they need to grow their  businesses from within own their network’s hundreds of millions of accounts.

For growing their advertiser base, both Myspace and Facebook appear to trust Google pay per click advertising to help them get the job done.


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