Google Ad Planner As A Competitive Intelligence Tool

Google Ad Planner celebrated its first birthday by adding some new features.

Google Ad Planner Beta

Google Ad Planner Beta

Google Ad Planner lets advertisers:

Identify websites target customers are likely to visit
Define audiences by demographics and interests.
Search for websites relevant to advertisers’ target audience.
Access unique users, page views, and other data for millions of websites from over 40 countries.
Easily build media plans whether agency and advertiser.
Create lists of websites where advertisers can advertise.
Generate aggregated website statistics for any advertiser’s media plan.

Google Ad Planner has always let advertisers research potential websites to place advertising on by web category, audience size (unique visitors) and reach (% of web audience) as well as by geography.

Google Ad Planner Audience Research

Google Ad Planner Audience Research

With its first birthday celebration, Google Ad Planner has added a new tool for searching a specific web site’s audience particulars.

Simply log into your Google Ad Planner account and “Search by Site” to gather both audience and competitive intelligence on any site Google has in its database. Stats Stats

Searching by site produces traffic statistics and daily unique visitors (users) along with Gender,

Search Engine Land Audience

Search Engine Land Audience

Education, Age, Household Income and Children in Household estimates.

Google Ad Planner also provides a list of other sites visited by users who visit the site searched along

Search Engine Land Sites

Search Engine Land Sites

with the keywords most commonly associated with the domain being researched.

Search Engine Land Keywords

Search Engine Land Keywords

Overall, Google Ad Planner is an excellent tool for evaluating potential web sites for their advertising potential as well as another resource for estimating the marketing strength of any particular site on the web.


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