Google Profile Promotion

Today while searching Google to see whether it has yet to correct my redirected WordPress domain (it hasn’t after 90+ days), I found Google promoting its new Google Profile service to me specifically based on my search for my own name.

I was somewhat surprised to see a Google search result page asking me “Are you Tim Cohn?”

Are You Tim Cohn?

Are You Tim Cohn?

I have been seeing the “Show Options” link for sometime but this Google Promotion link was different from the “All results”, “Any time”, “Standard results” and “Standard view” options I have become accustomed to seeing run down the left rail of my search results pages.

Google Profile Promotion

Google Profile Promotion

Clicking on the Google Promotion link took me to my Google account where I could then edit my profile details.

Google Account Profile

Google Account Profile

I haven’t yet had the time to further expand my Google profile.

For more information about how to create your Google Profile, see Danny Sullivan’s post about creating a Google Profile @SearchEngineLand.


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One Response to “Google Profile Promotion”

  1. gbishop75 Says:

    Thanks Tim…I will give this a try.

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