Sample Website Search Engine Submission Spam

The National Yellow Pages submission scam has moved online and evolved into the search engine submission scam.

Recently I began receiving the following “Domain Notice” for several of my domains.

Domain Notice

Domain Notice

Unless the business offering the search engine submission service is called “Attention: Important Notice”, the company offering this particular service has neglected to place its name anywhere on their domain notice.

Review Solicitation

Review Solicitation

With email costs significantly less US postal rates, it was only a matter of time before the National Yellow Pages direct mailers found their way online selling a similar service – like a search engine submission service.

10 Year Submission

10 Year Submission

Buried within the Domain Notice fine print regarding their “100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed or Your Money Back” the search engine submission service suggests refund requests be made within 30 days.

A Google search for 718-799-5355 doesn’t reveal any business listing data other than through a reverse lookup service.

However in the future, a search for 718-799-5355 will produce this blog post.

Readers can then decide for themselves whether purchasing a search engine submission service from an unknown and unlisted business is a good decision or not.



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