Ironic? Microsoft Cashback Buying Ads in Google

I was reading Greg Sterling’s report in Search Engine Land about Microsoft’s Cashback search promotion being added to the MSN Toolbar.

After completing the article I scrolled to the bottom of the page where I noticed two Google Adsense ads.

Google’s distributed advertising on web publishers sites is called Google Adsense.

Adsense analyzes content on web pages where it places ads and since this article was about Microsoft and Cashback – Google searched and found within its ad inventory the most relevant advertiser ads.

Microsoft Cashback Google Adwords Ads

Microsoft Cashback Google Adwords Ads

Somewhat surprisingly, the first ad titled “Rebate” Search that Pays You Back. Search Now and Save! is an advertisement from none other than Microsoft itself for their Cashback program.

Clicking through takes readers to the Cashback Live Search page.

Cashback Live Search

Cashback Live Search

Microsoft’s advertising on Google’s publishing partner sites isn’t too unusual.

It does seem a bit ironic to me however that Microsoft is also advertising their Cashback search product on Google.

Google Search Cashback

Google Search Cashback

Do competing media networks advertise their television products on networks other than their own?

I guess the search business hasn’t yet considered what implications there may be – if any –  by allowing competitors to advertise their business on each others respective search networks.

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