YouTube Sponsored Video Ad Text Missing in Google Adwords Beta

Last week I received an invitation to participate in the Google Adwords Updated Interface Beta.

I hope to be able to provide Google constructive feedback on any usability issues I may find within their latest version of the Adwords account management system through blog posts like this one.

In December I launched a YouTube sponsored video ad campaign.

I ultimately found managing my sponsored video ads from My Client Center more convenient and efficient than managing them through my YouTube account.

After receiving the Beta invite, I started using the Updated Interface and immediately found the data within my account loaded much more quickly.

I am planning to test more of the new Interface features this week.

The first issue I have found doesn’t seem too significant.

Previously in my Adwords account, Sponsored Videos ads text was displayed at the ad group level.

Sponsored Video Ads

Sponsored Video Ads

However, my Sponsored Video Ad text doesn’t appear in the Google Adwords Updated Interface Beta .

YouTube Sponsored Video Campaign Adwords Beta Dashboard

YouTube Sponsored Video Campaign Adwords Beta Dashboard

The data field is there, yet the data isn’t.

When the page loads a quick “loading” message appears followed by the no ads text seen above.

Its a minor issue but an issue I suspect will eventually need attention.



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