Where to Vote on November 4th? Find Your Local Polling Place with Google Maps

Today when I was logging into my Google Adwords account, I received the first non Google message I can ever remember receiving in My Client Center: “Vote On November 4th.”

Accompanying the reminder to vote message were two links: one to Google’s 2008 Voter Info Map and the other to: Find your local polling place.

Vote on November 4th

Vote on November 4th

The first link took me to Google Maps and their 2008 US Voter Information search box. Here visitors can  find their neighborhood voting location by entering their home address.

According to Google, their local polling place Maps were developed with help from state and local election officials and the Voting Information Project in conjunction with the League of Women Voters.

Where To Vote

Where To Vote

I entered my address and sure enough I received the correct location for where to vote within my local precinct.

Locate Polling Place

Locate Polling Place

Google Maps suggests searchers who have looked for and found their local polling place in Google Maps verify their voting location with local election officials to ensure that it is correct.

Google Maps also provides a link to absentee ballot and early voting information for how to “Vote by Mail” as well as how much time is left for voting by mail within a particular state.

Google’s 2008 Voter information Map is a great starting point for any voter who is looking for more information about where to cast their votes in the 2008 Presidential Election on November 4th, 2008.


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