Conversion Code Verification Process

Google provides “conversion code” to Adwords advertisers for tracking actions occurring after searchers have clicked on advertisers ads.

Five action types Adwords advertisers can track are:

1. “Other”

2. Purchase/Sale

3. Signup

4. Lead

5. View of a key page

5 Action Types

5 Action Types

Once the conversion code has been installed into the source code between the <body> and </body> tags of your action page, the advertiser needs to verify whether Google Adwords can track the conversion code correctly or not.

Google can track conversions on both secure and non secure sites.

Until recently, I hadn’t had any problems verifying or tracking actions from either type of site.

However, while trying to verify action code from dynamic pages within a secure site, I wasn’t able to generate a result other than “verification failed” when using Adwords test “verify action code” feature.

Conversion Code Verification Failure

Conversion Code Verification Failure

Conversion Code Verification Failure – sans url.

Tracking Code Explanation

Tracking Code Explanation

When verifying whether or not an action code is reporting correctly from a dynamic and secure site and provided the code has been installed correctly, advertisers may find clicking on one of their ads and then completing the action may provide the quickest and easiest answer to their question – “is the conversion code working or not?”

Otherwise, launching a campaign without verification and waiting for a conversion action to eventually occur may be the only other way to determine whether the conversion code actually reports or not.

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