Domain For Sale

There seems to be more activity in the domain aftermarket market for marketing related terms recently.

In a previous post, I wrote about owning and being approached by a domain investor to buy his premium domain

I didn’t bid on his domain, but it reportedly sold for $9,200.00 according to the domain auctioneer Sedo.

An even more desirable premium domain: is now at auction.

I received the following domain auction alert via email:

“Dear Marketing Executive,

We’re auctioning off the premium Internet Domain in Moniker’s New York Traffic Conference Extended Online Auction.

For info to consider and/or instructions on bidding please visit the domain.

The Auction has started and ends on October 2nd. Why bid? Keyword based domains, especially ones that reflect terms with high PPC Ad rates fetch top dollar. There are so many different ways to monetize this domain. Check out a site that tracks aftermarket domain sales data,

Please pass this auction info on to a decision maker or someone familiar with the value of Domains within your company, if this person is not you. I assure you it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure a virtual asset that could pay dividends indefinitely.

Thanks in advance,

I visited the site as suggested and found the following placeholder: Site Sit

Next, I clicked through to the site as suggested to find the present top bid.

I was surprised to see one buyer has already offered $88,240.00 for Auction Auction

The auction for is certain to bring “five figures” to its owner.

Time will tell whether is worth “six figures” or not.

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