Ad Scheduling Example

Google Adwords lets advertisers adjust their ad display times at the campaign level through its “Edit Campaign Settings” ad scheduling and serving section.

Ad Scheduling Serving

Ad Scheduling Serving

This feature can be beneficial for business-to-business advertisers who primarily generate leads and sales Monday through Friday.

Businesses who have identified unique time periods where search traffic and conversions peak and trough can also benefit.

Most businesses I have been involved with experience search traffic and conversion troughs on weekends.

However, I have some clients who generate more search traffic and book more sales on Saturday and Sunday than they do during any other day of the week.

The first step to determine whether your business can benefit from ad scheduling and the initial savings it can bring is to begin capturing and measuring your online traffic and conversions to identify any traffic and sales patterns.

It’s the odd – albeit – the great business – who produces business every hour of every day.

Does your advertising produce the most results during business hours or after business hours? Or, does your advertising produce leads and sales in some combination thereof?

If any patterns develop within your data, you can use the Google Adwords ad scheduling tool to optimize the performance of your advertising to reach prospects at the times they will most likely be in the market for your products or services.

Ad Scheduling

Ad Scheduling

Ad Scheduling

With Google Adwords, you can edit days and times to see how the schedule updates. When you’re happy with the schedule, click ‘Save Changes’ to activate Ad Scheduling. To adjust your pricing during any time period, use the advanced ad scheduling mode.

The Advanced Ad Scheduling feature can be used to increase bids during times when competition for your product and its demand are the greatest.

Advanced Ad Scheduling

Advanced Ad Scheduling

Click edit to set custom prices for ads on a given day and time. Example: If your default bid is $1.00 CPC, and your custom “% of bid” entry for Tuesdays is 120%, your CPC bid for Tuesdays only would be $1.20.

Both Google Adwords ad scheduling tools give advertisers more control over how advertising dollars are apportioned which is just one requisite for advertisers who want to begin managing their return on advertising investment.


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