Search Network Quality Score 10: Content Network 0

Adwords new Quality Scores have been live since September 17 according to Ophir Cohen.

Nuno Macedo of Páginas Amarelas Portugal has provided me with a screen shot of his Adwords Quality Score of 10 in Portuguese no less.

Quality Score 10

Quality Score 10

After digging further into my accounts, it appears Google Adwords will continue assigning Quality Scores to just Search Network only distibuted ads – not Content network ads – per this message:

Quality Score Content Network

Quality Score Content Network

Also appearing in my Adwords account for the first time are “Bid Below First Page” notifications:

Bid Below First Page

Bid Below First Page

Each “Bid Below First Page” notice is accompanied by Google’s recommended bid for achieving first page placement.

Now if only Adwords would provide Quality Score reporting options from their Report Center, large and small advertisers alike could begin to manage their Adwords account’s performance by its most important metric – the Quality Score.


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