How to Start a Linkedin Groups Discussion

Linkedin Groups Discussions

Linkedin Groups Discussions

I have had a Linkedin account for some time and haven’t really utilized it as much as I could.

However, I recently noticed the Linkedin Groups feature and realized there might be a group for Google Adwords Professionals.

I searched Linkedin and found several groups for Google Adwords Professionals.

I found a group called Google Adwords Qualified Individuals and asked the group’s founder if I could join his Linkedin Group.

After having become a member of his group and entering the groups discussion area I then reached the overview tab which shows the group’s most recent discussion.

Linkedin Groups Discsussions Overview

Linkedin Groups Discsussions Overview

I then clicked on the discussions tab where all recent group discussions are summarized.

Linkedin Groups Recent Discussions

Linkedin Groups Recent Discussions

Before I posted my question to the group, I wanted to make sure my question hadn’t already been asked by another member.

It didn’t appear my question had been asked so I entered my question in Linkedin “start a discussion” box and submitted it to start a discussion.

Linkedin Groups Start a Discussion

Linkedin Groups Start a Discussion

My question then moved to the Most Recent Discussions field within the Google Adwords Qualified Individuals Linkedin Group.

While drafting my question I realized I could include a link to a post I had written on my blog that pertained to the subject of my question.

I included the link in the discussion.

Linkedin Groups Discussions Comments

Linkedin Groups Discussions Comments

Within a day, my WordPress blog statistics began showing clicks coming from the specifc Linkedin page where the question I had posed was up for discussion.

Members of the group from different parts of the world took the time to enter the discussion and answer my question.

By allowing an outbound link within their Groups Discussion feature, Linkedin has added a potentially new way to expand the reach and power of their network.


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