IBM + Yahoo! (IBMY!) An alternative to Microhoo?

Could Yahoo! find its White Knight in IBM?



Since it now seems highly unlikely a bolted together advertising partnership with Google, News Corp. or AOL will materialize and dissuade Microsoft from its proposed takeover of Yahoo!, shouldn’t Yahoo! be looking outside the search box for possible solutions?

An IBM+Yahoo! or IBMY! combination makes as much sense as a MicroHoo.

Short of something as crazy as Yahoo! partnering with IBM, Yahoo will soon be otherwise assimilated by Microsoft.

I am sure there are millions even billions of reasons why IBM shouldn’t even consider it, but there only has to be one “good enough” financial reason for Yahoo! to justify its seeking and getting either IBM’s defensive or offensive investment at this their defining and possibly Yahoo’s final moment in time.

I wonder which particular financial reason would be compelling enough for both IBM and Yahoo to seek each other’s company now – if there is any at all?



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