Apple Rings Seven Digits to Reach iPhone

Jay Westerdahl at confirms Apple has acquired from Michael Kovatch.

Although Michael didn’t confirm his domain name sales price, Jay thinks the sold for in excess of one million dollars.

Kovatch registered the domain way back in 1995 and had plans to build a company around it. He has instead decided to build a larger bank balance.

Like Mark Cuban said, you only need to get it right once in business.

Michael Kovatch got it right with



One Response to “Apple Rings Seven Digits to Reach iPhone”

  1. equinist Says:

    iPhones are destined to be a smash success worldwide. For those of you that don’t have one, here’s a simple way to keep abreast of the latest buzz on iPhones.

    On ANY wap enabled cell phone browser, simply enter the numeric-equivalent of the word ‘iPhone’, which is 474663. Add .com and press ‘send’, ‘call’, ‘go’ etc.



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