Sold! $5,000,000.00…

According to a Chinese fortune cookie I once received, “Valuable things aren’t cheap and cheap things are of no value.”

The trick to discovering and capturing value is to acquire it before the market has fully recognized and priced it.

If there is any one group of people on the planet who know market value as well as Wall Street does I would have to guess it would be us folks who operate in both the search engine marketing and domain industries. reports Mike Mann and his firm WashingtonVC have acquired for $5 million.

With DNJournal’s report of Gary Kremen’s selling for $12 million, the importance of domain ownership and its relevance in a search addicted society have never been greater.

To get a rough idea of what your domain’s potential market value check out the new domain name appraisal tool from

Although a domain is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it, I think the Leap Fish free domain appraisal tool is off to a good start.

When the tool is able to calculate and appraise multivariate data, they will really have something of value.

The following are Leap Fish appraisals for the domains mentioned above:



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