Sergey Brin Major Direct Stock Holder Status?

According to Google’s Major Direct Holders forms, it appears Sergey Brin is no longer a major direct holder of Google stock at least according to Yahoo Finance.

Direct Holders Of Google Stock
Direct Holders Of Google Stock

Unless of course Mr. Brin somehow controls a major share of Google’s stock indirectly or in some other class that doesn’t require being reported by Google to the SEC.

Or the Yahoo Finance site has somehow incorrectly reported Mr. Brin’s amount of stock ownership as 0 shares.

Google Insider Roster
Google Insider Roster

Not sure how to reconcile these two different sets of numbers let alone this SEC filing showing Brin still owns 27,126,186 shares of Class A Common Stock.

Brin Stock Ownership
Brin Stock Ownership

Assuming the SEC data is correct, then how can the Yahoo data be correct too?

Or are these seemingly conflicting sets of data actually both correct?

Here is what I have come up with:

Class A Common must convert to Class B and constitute direct holder status which in turn carries voting rights and requires reporting to the SEC.

If Brin isn’t showing any B via the Direct Holder forms, then can he

1). Convert more A at will as needed to vote?
2). Is the Direct holder report inaccurate as of March 1  because its constantly showing fluctuations in the # of shares management owns and as such have Brin’s voting rights have remained the same as before when he was reported to be a major direct stock holder?
3a). Are Brin’s or any other officers voting rights not tied to Direct Holder status at all?
3b). Or aren’t Brin’s and other officers voting rights tied to Direct Holder status and if so, what are the implications of his no longer appearing to be one?



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