914 Days In A Row Of Consecutive Blogging Ends

I have been blogging here for the past 914 days in a row – every single day since September 1, 2008 – and after a rather exhaustive day being preoccupied with offline matters, I inexplicably forgot to get a post written yesterday.

Try focusing on getting a blog post written day in and day out regardless of what else is going in one’s life¬† is easier said than done.

For the last two years I have been writing not one but two blog posts a day – one here and one at my personal blog – TimothyCohn.com.

Last year I missed getting a post made to my personal blog once under similar circumstances.

Regardless, I wrote and posted 730 blog posts in 2010.

914 Consecutive Days Posting

914 Consecutive Days Posting

That being said – I don’t know what else to say here other than I am sad to see that particular streak end in the way it did – through fatigue and forgetfulness.



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