Removing A Google Places Listing

Today I discovered the following two options while trying to delete one of my Google Places listings:

1. Remove this listing from my Google Places account.
Select this option if you mistakenly associated the listing with your account. This listing may continue to display on Google Maps if provided by other sources.

2. Remove this listing from Google Maps.
Your listing will no longer appear on Google Maps, but will continue to display in your Google Places account. This listing will be removed after you verify via PIN.

Delete Google Places Listing

Delete Google Places Listing

Based on these two options, it doesn’t look like removing a Google Maps listing will in turn get it removed from Google Places unless verified by the appropriate business representative via PIN.

Or is the second option telling Google Places listings they can get their Google Maps listing removed but not their Google Places listing?

Couldn’t the instructions for removing a Google Places listing use some additional clarification or is it just a misunderstanding on my part?



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