Attention Audience: Schema Disruption

To get and retain audience attention, look for marketers and advertisers to continue to mine the limits of the “what is acceptable” envelope.

The recent Super Bowl XLV provides two examples of “what is acceptable” messaging gone awry – one unacceptable example from Groupon and the other more tolerable example from Christina Aguilera.

Groupon ran a commercial that apparently offended more people than not while Aguilera botched her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

While the former disrupted the collective audience schema negatively and thus the brand,  the latter appears to have had neither a positive or negative impact on its product.

However, one thing is for certain – Aguilera’s gaffe and its accompanying schema disruption generated considerably more earned media attention than Groupon’s ad did.

Super Bowl Gaffes

Super Bowl Gaffes

Going forward, smart marketers and advertisers alike would be wise to consider the implications of any schema disruption their messaging may have on audiences before they attempt to get their attention.


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