Google Places: Real Time Image Editing And Posting

To my surprise, Google Places account management appears to be making progress.

To wit – today I was looking at Google’s street view of my office in Google Maps and realized I had an outdated Google Adwords Qualified Individual image embedded in my business listing.

Google Street View Advanced Marketing Consultants

Google Street View Advanced Marketing Consultants

I then thought I would try my hand at changing the image in my Google Places account knowing full and well that my actually seeing the edit might take months or even years.

I went ahead with the process anyway.

I quickly uploaded the updated Google Certified Partner badge and saved my new settings.

To my surprise, my new uploaded image was propagated instantly to the Google Maps listing for my business.

Google Places Real Time Image Edits

Google Places Real Time Image Edits

Now this may have always been the case, but I don’t ever recall making a change to my Local Business Center listing – now my Google Places account – where I saw the account edit reflected instantly in Google Maps.

If this is any indication of Google’s new found commitment to the small business community, Google Places may indeed be going places.



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