Google Places Policy Of Allowed Terms

After several years of uneven and inconsistent communications from the Google Local Business Center now Google Places – I finally got clarification to the Places dashboard message – “this listing does not comply with our policy of allowed terms.”

Google Places Policy of Allowed Terms

Google Places Policy of Allowed Terms

Although I had suspected for some time using the terms Google Adwords Qualified Individual and Google Adwords Professional in my business listing description field might have been problematic, Google never pointed me or anyone else for that matter to a list of terms they automatically reject.

Yet in today’s message Google revealed at least one word they don’t approve of in Google Places listings…

The word?


I have removed Google from my business description and resubmitted my listing.

It now appears my listing has been automatically approved after resubmitting.

However, the “Your Business Info” section of my Google Places listing still shows my listing is only 90% complete.

Google Places: Your Business Info

Google Places: Your Business Info

I guess my Google Places listing will always be a work in progress.


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