Google Adwords Reports Now Just A Report?

Running regular paid search campaign reports for clients is a must for anyone in the paid search business.

Since its inception, Google’s Adword Report Center has been the place where paid search managers went to generate the client data they needed.


Adwords Report Center

Adwords Report Center


While I received notice some time ago in my Adwords accounts Google was planning on updating its Adwords Report Center, it wasn’t until today that I noticed they have already all but phased out report creation and generation from the Adwords Report Center.

It appears only one report is presently available from the Adwords Report Center – the Reach and Frequency Performance Report.


Adwords Reports

Adwords Reports


All the Report Center’s previously available reports must now be generated from within the respective AdWords account.

To generate Adwords reports, find the download report icon next to the Adwords search box, input your parameters and create a report..


Download Report

Download Report



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