ManageFlitter: How To Manage Who You Follow

ManageFlitter has a great tool for visualizing your Twitter account data in ways Twitter doesn’t provide.

My interest in their tool began with its ability to produce lists of people I follow based on several different types of criteria.

I use Twitter as a research tool and as such, I follow more people than I am followed by.

ManageFlitter has helped me identify Twitter accounts that don’t Tweet very often or have user profile pictures – two metrics with which to evaluate whether or not I wish to continue following an account.



ManageFlitter identified seven accounts who hadn’t Tweeted recently, this in turn helped me decide whether to continue following them or not.

I decided to discontinue following them while ManageFlitter executed the unfollows.



Since I had reached Twitter’s 2000 follow limit, this service was beneficial albeit not as helpful as I had hoped.

If I could sort the accounts I follow by whether they had Tweeted within the last 30, 60 or  90 days – the service would be considerably more valuable to me.

Maybe at some point in the future, ManageFlitter will manage to come up with these three search and filter follow criteria for identifying and pruning the Twitter accounts I no longer desire to follow.


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