More Google Places Confusion

As mentioned here previously, my Google business listing has been missing in action and under review for at least a year.

Google Places Status

Google Places Status

This after having my business listing appear as a one box result in Google search results for as long as I can remember.

I recently resubmitted my listing to the new and improved Google Local Business Center project now known as Google Places.

In doing so I also agreed to receive their newsletter and any other materials they may send out.

Today I received the August 2010 Google Places newsletter.

Nothing surprising there.

What is surprising is how two thirds of the newsletter is devoted to Google Places optimization tips.

All well and good if your Google Places account is active.

Instead of sharing tips for how to optimize Places listings, Google Places should focus on optimizing their own listings application and approval process.

Google Places August 2010 Newsletter

Google Places August 2010 Newsletter

To add insult to injury, the Google Tags free advertising offer doesn’t take into consideration or account for Google Places accounts already in an indefinite listing approval queue.

Google Places Offer

Google Places Offer

The Google Tags offer presupposes only new business listings are receiving the newsletter.

Not in my case Google Places.


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