An Advertising Innovation: The Sponsored Captcha

This is the first innovation I have seen in advertising since the search text ad – the Sponsored Captcha.

Sponsored Captcha

Sponsored Captcha

The sponsored captcha comes from a company called AdCopy.



By “guaranteeing comprehension” AdCopy ensures advertisers buy only messages consumers pay attention to.

Guaranteed Ad Comprehension

Guaranteed Ad Comprehension

I think the folks at AdCopy have stumbled onto a new and potentially viable brand messaging channel.

The sponsored captcha ad innovation compels me to ask – where else on the web could this same type of advertising system be employed?


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2 Responses to “An Advertising Innovation: The Sponsored Captcha”

  1. farinhasd Says:

    “What is the first thing that pops in your head?”

    If I understand correctly, it appears that you can type whatever you want in the text field? If that’s true, then any answer is deemed correct. There’s no security in that. It won’t stop bots. At that point, it’s not a CAPTCHA at all, it’s simply an advertisement (and an extra step they’re forcing the user to go through).

    • Tim Cohn Says:

      Hi Sarah –

      I spoke with the people at AdCopy about the example above and learned its not an accurate representation of how their system works.
      It instead demonstrates the functionality of the site I discovered AdCopy’s Sponsored Captcha on –

      AdCopy’s Eric Schwartz told me their system displays an brand’s mark along with the message they want the site’s audience to see, comprehend and enter into the Captcha.

      Upon correctly typing in the advertisers message, the visitor is then granted access to the site.

      This process effectively mirrors that of existing Captchas which require a visitor to visually identify and enter the requested “password” before entering a site.

      In this case, the advertiser’s predetermined message serves as the password which in turn –
      1). Eliminates bots while still providing publisher security
      2). Engages the publisher’s audience in an advertisers chosen message

      I plan to speak to AdCopy again about their product and will clarify further if needed.

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