Google Ad Programmer

I have decided the phrase Ad Programmer – Google Ad Programmer – best describes the type of consulting services I offer clients.


One Response to “Google Ad Programmer”

  1. MediaEngineer Says:

    Tim – please take a look at our new site – I signed a 120 day development deal with

    If our ads prove successful; we wwill invest in an 21st century platform via far east bids we’ve collected.

    Our SEM starts on Monday with proven Google, YAhoo, MSN – I’d like to your counsel; if we can afford you! LOL!

    please contact me @ & cc me @ if you have an interest in getting in on our ground flood. I think this could be an opportunity to get in under the LEGAL ZOOM radar and possibly grab a large share of the USPTO application processing approx 1000 trademark apps per month currently.

    You may also reach me @ the contact info below.



    Bob Stephens
    Internet Community Organizer
    214-501-7338 (direct)
    Concierge at Large
    “Round the Clock Service”

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