Sample Google Adwords Bulk Post

I have found one of the best ways to prepare for my Certified Google Adwords Partner exam again is to give all of the Google Adwords tools a thorough workout.

Even though I have been doing this since the Adwords program began, Google tools continue to evolve and require ongoing practice to keep current.

Toward that end, I uploaded 678 ad groups, 678 keywords and 2034 ads to one of my accounts in about fifteen minutes after several hours of market research.

Adwords Editor Bulk Upload

Adwords Editor Bulk Upload

Thomas Watson, Sr. of IBM once to said “to succeed double your error rate.”

This is the beauty of Google Adwords – the ability to double one’s error rate while also squaring it at the same time.

Within a couple of days, I will have enough market data from the multifaceted campaign above to decide which critical path will predictably yield the highest returns for any further investment of my time, effort and capital.

Few if any other systems with the exception of the stock market can provide this kind of win or lose data in near real time at scale.

Which begs the question –

Why would any advertiser risk the time, effort or capital testing their marketing and advertising efficacy in any other way?



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