Google Ad Planner Webinar For Advertisers

The Google Ad Planner Team has issued their first newsletter.

Google Ad Planner

Google Ad Planner

Topics discussed in the first Google Ad Planner newsletter are actually the subject matter of a Google Ad Planner “Webinar for Advertisers” to be held November 20, 2009 @ 12pm PST and again on November 24 9am PST .

Topics to be discussed include:

Google Ad Planner updates for advertisers

  • Research ad placements
  • View subdomain data
  • Access more granular publisher data
  • Visualize audience data with an interactive graph

Google Ad Planner updates for publishers

  • Opt-In additional Google Analytics metrics
  • Claim your subdomains
  • Delegate site management
  • Promote your site profile with the Ad Planner Badge

Sign up to attend online or call 866-699-3239 to register for Google Ad Planner’s Webinar for Advertisers.


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