As Expected: Google Social Search Experiment Ends

Not surprisingly, Google has ended their social search experiment Google Social Search.

Google Social Search Marketing

Google Social Search Marketing

When Google first announced their social search product, I wrote “It remains to be seen whether this Google trial will be adopted much further than beyond the borders of the search engine marketing community.”

I also wrote:

“The Google social circle search product reminds to some degree of the previous Google product: “subscribed links”.

Although Google has ended this particular experiment, the Google Social Search product still appears in my Google Experimental Labs account.

Google Social Search

Google Social Search

I thought the idea of social search was half baked to begin with and remain convinced that a social search product of any kind regardless of who produces it will be inferior to Google’s existing search product.

Here are two of my Tweets echoing the same:

Will Social Search Matter?

Will Social Search Matter

Will Social Search Matter



Social Search Inferior

Social Search Inferior

Because Social Search is inferior to Cloud Search.

Update: November 16, 2009: Barry Schwartz reports @Search Engine Land that Google’s social search program has not ended but instead their message: “The experiment you’re trying to access is no longer available.”  was caused by a bug.

That is one smart bug – writing its own goodbye…


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